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The Most Horrible Crossover Over!
"The City of Townsville!" The narrator said with boundless enthusiasm "A place filled with joy and wonderment that we won't see until a little later in the show!"
A monster comes out of nowhere and starts destroying buildings, not long after, Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup start attacking it, giving it kick after kick, punch after punch and in Bubbles case, giving a puppy dog eye that made the monster cry.
"Pretty please Mr. Monster." Bubbles said sweetly "Can you please stop being a meanie and stop destroying our city?"
"Too bad." The narrator said disappointed "It would have been great to see the girls save the day again, but instead we start our story in another far away city, where a different kind of hero resides."
The Skool is seen from above, we then see the inside of the building, the halls and eventually a doorknob, which pans upwards to the window that leads to Ms. Bitters' classroom. A luminescent "13" is displayed on the rim of the glass.
:iconinvader-johnny:Invader-Johnny 2 0
Complexity Of Time
"Hope lives! It is everywhere!"
Ashi could hear her own voice echoing through the darkness.
"I've seen it. Everyone you have touched. The people you have helped. You saved them!"
"Jack... You saved me..." Ashi whispers longingly. "All of us."
"... Jack, don't listen! You're being misguided! I've seen it! You've saved COUNTLESS innocents... But most of all... You showed me the truth! You made me see that there's so much more to me than I know existed! You made me way more than what I was!"
"Without you... I would've never known the meaning of peace... The meaning of happiness."
"... The hope you gave me SAVED MY LIFE."
"But there was a price to pay."
"KIll me, then destroy Aku!"
"You have to do it! Do it now! Kill me!"
The darkness that Aku had thrown her into during her most weakened state was almost the same she currently was feeling right now, except, this time she wasn't trying to escape, this type of darkness made her feel... Empty but not in despair.
Ashi looked down at he
:iconinvader-johnny:Invader-Johnny 4 4
Breaking The Fourth Wall
"So, tell me what's been bothering you?" Doc asked.
Aku was on the 'sofa' of his palace looking quite forlorn, which was unsurprising considering what had transpired during the past few weeks leading up to the 'grand finale' to a great series.
"Well you see doc, it's been one week since I was killed of."
"Really?" The duplicate asked, then shrugs "I hadn't noticed."
"That's the issue, no one has!" Aku said, glaring at his therapist "Everyone around me is paying more attention to the fact that my so called daughter was erased from existence, she was what? Only one season from the show! I been here since the very beginning, I'm the sole reason for the future and yet no one seems to care that I had a very pathetic death!"
"Well, you were the big bad dog." Doc agreed "But in some way, your demise was inevitable, some may like it, some not but for there to be closure of any kind whether good or bad you couldn't keep on living, let's not forget, evil doesn't always win, specially if the peop
:iconinvader-johnny:Invader-Johnny 7 2
After everything that was said and done, the world was safe.
The future was safe.
Good had prevailed over evil.
"So why does it hurt so much?" Jack though as rode through the forest. "Why does it feel like I failed?"
The melancholy was everywhere, from the trees to the sky, to his companion, his faithful horse looking down as if feeling the same despair as his master... Everything was so gray and gloom.
Which unsurprisingly matched his mood.
Back at the palace both his mother and father had tried to console him, after learning of his travels in a harsh and unforgiving world ruled by Aku, they knew only time could heal all wounds, his mother had held him when he felt weak and vulnerable, while his father, the wise emperor of the land felt for his son, he truly did.
"Son, you have shown more bravery and tenacity than anyone, myself included have ever seen, I understand your pain, being away from the woman you love." The Emperor said with sympathy "And I know that there is nothing I can d
:iconinvader-johnny:Invader-Johnny 21 0
Shades of Pink.
"You sexist moron!"
"Eh... What?"
Zim and Gaz were sitting on a bench in the park.
The pale girl raised an angry eyebrow unimpressed and quite pissed off with what the alien was giving her, he claimed it to be a show of respect, but she thought otherwise, and it wasn't surprising that she believed why, given the coloration of the Irken's so called present.
"Are you fucking kidding me Zim?"
"I fuck you not Gaz-Beast!" He screamed loudly.
People nearby looked up from what they were doing and stared in the direction of the disguised Invader.
Embarrassed (or more accurately filled with irritated rage) Gaz roughly grabbed Zim's lips with her hands to shut him up.
"What have I told you about that mouth of yours?"
The Irken said something unintelligible because of his girlfriend's hand keeping him from speaking clearly.
Amazingly, Gaz understood him "Yes Zim, humans have swear words too!" She hissed "So while on Irk, the F-word isn't considered a profanity, here on Earth it is, so watch it! T
:iconinvader-johnny:Invader-Johnny 1 0
"So, what are these called again?" Purple asked as he held a pair of black shoes in his hands.
"Humans call them high heels my Tallest." Zim said respectfully, a big creepy smile plastered on the monitor only served to make him appear crazy... Well crazier than usual.
"And what are they're for exactly?" Red asked, unimpressed.
"They make anyone appear taller!"
Suddenly everyone in the Massive looked at Zim and for the first time, it wasn't with a look of contempt, not that even noticed.
Nevertheless the prospect of gaining a few inches was very appealing for just about anyone hearing this conversation.
"Mind repeating that Zim?" Purple asked, scratching where his ear would be "I'm not sure I heard you right... I thought you said these high heels make you appear taller."
"They do my Tallest!" The defective said proudly "That's why I sent you a pair using a modified version of the Subquantum Wormtunnel, that I the almighty Zim improved!"
"He did not do such a thing!" Skrang Said indignan
:iconinvader-johnny:Invader-Johnny 1 0
Mature content
Fire In The Hole. :iconinvader-johnny:Invader-Johnny 1 0
silhouette by Invader-Johnny silhouette :iconinvader-johnny:Invader-Johnny 4 3
Eye of the Beholder Chap 3
The disguised Irken Invader and the half-Latina made their way towards their respective girlfriends.
"Zim has found you!" The alien bellowed wickedly.
Everyone in the bar tried to shit their ears, evidently the Irken's voice somehow managed to be far louder than the music playing.
"Somebody shut that freak up!"
Gaz directed her glare to where the voice came from as well as giving the finger to the stranger.
Zim quickly held his girlfriend in his arm, spontaneously twirling her around, much to her annoyance.
She knew it was his way of being dramatic and having the attention of those around them.
Meanwhile Tori took the more subtle approach by walking towards Jade and giving her a peck on the cheek and a squeeze on her hand.
"I didn't think you could look even sexier" Tori said huskily "But being apart from you proved me wrong."
"Vega, I saw you a couple of hours ago." Jade said dryly.
"And your point being?"
The pale Goth rolled her eyes "Fine I missed you
:iconinvader-johnny:Invader-Johnny 1 0
Smeet Skoodge by Invader-Johnny Smeet Skoodge :iconinvader-johnny:Invader-Johnny 22 5
Eye of the Beholder. chap 2.
Tori got out of her car, anxiously staring at the intimidating building in front of her.
"God, Jade," she thought exasperatedly. "Why here?"
The brunette had been following her psychotic girlfriend for some time. Not too far to lose her, but also not too close to be seen. After all, she knew the challenges of dating Jade West as well as the dangers that came with angering an already pissed off lover.
Needless to say that Tori was walking on thin ice, but she just couldn't help it. An angered Jade always made things more difficult for bygones to be bygones, but that never stopped the half-Latina before and it wasn't going to start now.
After all, the Goth was no picnic, but the rewards that came with melting the ice were far too great to give up.
"I'm not done with you Jade," Tori muttered. "I will figure you out."
Once she parked her car, the tanned girl couldn't help but asked herself in dismay, "Now how am I going to get inside?"
At one point in their relationship, she remembered tha
:iconinvader-johnny:Invader-Johnny 3 2
Eye of the Beholder. Chap 1
"I fucking hate waiting. I fucking hate people, and I fucking hate that this asshole has been ogling my ID for the last five minutes!"
Truth to Jade's words, a bouncer was intently inspecting her card, taking his sweet time. He claimed it was to make sure she really was over the legal drinking age, since the establishment served alcohol aside from being a karaoke place.
"After this I'm am so making an 'I hate blondes' video!" Jade thought cruelly.
Her anger was somewhat justified, since earlier that night, three blondes tried to get some beer with their clearly pathetic ID cards. Long story short, they are now facing some criminal charges as well as a night on the slammer and a serious grounding from their parents.
So because of the three stooges, the staff now had to be careful on who they let in.
"I'm almost certain my tits don't show in the photo," the dark haired girl sneered. "Just look at my age and let me through!"
To his credit, the bouncer didn't say a word; he just kept stari
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Fused Jori 3.0 by Invader-Johnny Fused Jori 3.0 :iconinvader-johnny:Invader-Johnny 7 1 Fused Jori 2.0 by Invader-Johnny Fused Jori 2.0 :iconinvader-johnny:Invader-Johnny 9 2 Fused Jori by Invader-Johnny Fused Jori :iconinvader-johnny:Invader-Johnny 14 1 Captured by Invader-Johnny
Mature content
Captured :iconinvader-johnny:Invader-Johnny 7 5

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IT'S HAPPENING! If any of you guys remember, way back on November 8th 2016, the Creator of "Harvey Beaks" C.H. Greenblatt leaked the news and the tweet was deleted.

But TODAY, Nickedodeon confirmed that Invader Zim is coming back with a 90 minutes TV movie!


Obviously there's no release date as of yet but considering that IZ is the third Nicktoon that's getting a movie treatment behind Hey Arnold! and Rocko's modern life, it's safe to assume that we'll most likely see Zim back on the screen sometime this year.


Invader Johnny Signing Off.


Yours truly as an Irken Invader, a Human and a nightmare monster.

I J Signing Off.

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